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This section contains all my Komag Tutorial Videos

Date = Year/Month/Day, M = Size in Megabytes, Res - Resolution, M:S = Minutes:Seconds, B = bitrate in Megabits per second (Mbps)
Date Name What is it? m Res m:s b
2012-06-22 KomagTutTDM Visportals Introduction and basic info on Visportals, what good they do, how they work, and where to put them, with some examples 640 1280x720 14:13 6
2012-06-22 KomagTutTDM Visportals Basic Visportals tutorial - this is a lower quality 2mbps "YouTube" version 147 1280x720 14:13 2
2010-03-29   KomagTutTDM pt3   Komag Tutorial Videos part 3 - Your First Two Rooms! Learn the basic controls of DR and how to start building 232 1280x720 24:52 6
2009-11-22   KomagTutTDM pt2   Komag Tutorial Videos part 2 - Installing DarkRadiant! After setting this up, you'll be ready to build a world! 56 1280x720 09:13 6
2009-11-13   KomagTutTDM pt1   Komag Tutorial Videos part 1 - Installing The Dark Mod! Get the main mod up and running 112 1280x720 13:26 6
2009-11-10   KomagTutTDM pt0   Komag Tutorial Videos part 0 - Installing Doom 3! If you have no idea how to get started or are having trouble, start here 244 1280x720 17:03 6
2009-03-25 KomagTut_Arches_3m The first of hopefully many video tutorials, this one shows how to make an arched ceiling intersection 154 856x480 06:49 3
2009-03-25 KomagTut_Arches_1m Arched ceiling intersection tutorial - this is a lower quality 1mbps version 52 856x480 06:49 1

Below are all the videos I made during the Dark Mod development years

Date = Year/Month/Day, M = Size in Megabytes, Res - Resolution, M:S = Minutes:Seconds, B = bitrate in Megabits per second (Mbps)
Date Name What is it? m Res m:s b
2009-03-24 KomagIsland A quick demo map I made in a couple hours, showing that a very large extensive outdoor area can work if kept somewhat simple (although one could do more than is shown and still be okay) 21 1024x600 0:55 3
2009-01-20 runspeedwide Comparison run - both runs placed side by side (best version) 15 1280x480 0:57 2
2008-10-29 runspeedTDM Comparison run - just the Dark Mod side 13 640x480 0:57 2
2008-10-29 runspeedThief Comparison run - just the Thief side 13 640x480 0:57 2
2008-10-29 runspeedsplit I set up a comparison run of a similar map in Dromed and DarkRadiant (a re-creation of The Haunted Cathedral, for reference). In this video the two recorded runs are sort of vaguely spliced in the center 13 640x480 0:57 2
2008-10-22 puzzle1 This is an example of the sort of puzzle you can set up in Dark Mod, where the object manipulation comes into play. The possibilities are endless! 15 640x480 1:19 2
2008-10-20 floatup One nagging "bug" that stayed with the team for years was a Doom 3 "feature" to help the player avoid getting permanently stuck in geometry, the dreaded "float up" bug. It was eventually quashed 8 640x480 0.40 2
2008-09-25 TDMroperide A demo illustrating jumping on and riding a moving rope! There are bugs and it's not very reliable at this stage, but it bodes well for future gameplay! 27 640x480 1:52 2
2008-09-13 DRdualmonitor This just shows me flying around my DarkRadiant map in full dual screen editing with the 3D view temporarily stretched ultra wide 3 640x480 0:12 2
2008-04-22 lanternwaver During development a lot of little details get changed over time. We used to have a "wavering" lantern light, this video (taken from an early Saint Lucia build) helped convince the team to axe it 5 640x480 0:29 2
2008-04-04 NewBarrels6_40x Guard Drop run at "half" speed 28 640x480 1:59 2
2008-04-04 NewBarrels6_80x Guard Drop! A variation on the previous "Barrel Drop" vids, in this case I cause an endless stream of guards to rain down from the sky! Eventually the physics system seemed to overload or something 14 640x480 0:59 2
2008-03-28 NewBarrels5_20x Barrel Drop! Again, 2000 barrels, with buildings, a view from the sky 7 640x480 0:30 2
2008-03-28 NewBarrels4_20x Barrel Drop! More barrels (now total 2000), with some buildings for scale reference 8 640x480 0:35 2
2008-03-28 NewBarrels3_20x Barrel Drop! Better lighting added 8 640x480 0:33 2
2008-03-28 NewBarrels2_20x Barrel Drop! The same collapse, viewed from above 5 640x480 0:20 2
2008-03-28 NewBarrels1_20x Barrel Drop! Utilizing a trick to force Doom 3 to draw every single render frame no matter what (and then speeding up the resulting SLOW video), I came up with new smooth barrel drop videos 5 640x480 0:28 2
2008-02-25 newambient Dim ambient light has been a challenge due to the way the renderer works (it kept wanting to be harshly directional - NOT good for ambient), but this shows how well it can work when hardware and software cooperate! 3 640x480 0:25 2
2007-12-03 serengrovehorse A clip from Serengrove (a Doom 3 mod) that has an animated horse model. This is just for interest, since it would be cool to have horses in Dark Mod 7 640x480 1:00 2
2007-11-04 light_gem_nohud Further testing and diagnosing of the light gem problem 3 640x480 0:18 2
2007-11-04 light_gem_flicker_11-04 The light gem was sometimes behaving erratically, and after much testing (like in this video) it was determined that part of the screen (the lower left corner) was unduly influening the outcome 2 640x480 0:09 2
2007-07-29 ropeproblems Rope arrows (one of the awesomest parts of The Dark Mod) have gone through extensive bug testing, adjusting, and tweaking (such as starting point, length auto-adjusting, clipping, etc) 10 640x480 0:56 2
2007-07-29 ropeclimbdown This illustrates that, if aimed well, you can place a rope arrow near a ledge you are standing on and carefully back down onto it to climb down 4 640x480 0:23 2
2007-07-17 barreldrop32X2 Barrel Drop! Same as above, but viewed from the ground 1 640x480 0:07 2
2007-07-17 barreldrop32X Barrel Drop! I went back and upped the total to 1600 barrels! It took forever to run, and I've sped up the video 32X 1 640x480 0:06 2
2007-07-17 barreldropfast Barrel Drop! Same as above but this version is sped up 4X 4 640x480 0:29 1.5
2007-07-17 barreldrop Barrel Drop! In DarkRadiant I set up a stack of 400 barrels and knocked them down! It gets VERY choppy, but after the barrels settle the framerate goes back up 8 640x480 1:56 1.5
2007-07-04 wackolighting Over time the handling of textures and compression has changed, and if your settings are wrong you might get something like this! 3 640x480 0:27 1.5
2006-07-08 TDM Teaser 2 (I didn't make this video) The second Dark Mod teaser trailer showing a lot of working gameplay elements with a very "thiefy" look and feel. 78 640x480 3:36 1.5
2004-12-25 TDM Teaser 1 (I didn't make this video) The very first Dark Mod teaser trailer illustrating some early concept art, models, and a hint of gameplay 32 360x288 2:15 1.5