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All of the files you'll need to get started with the Dark Mod.

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- PAGE UPDATED June 21, 2012

Date = Year/Month/Day, M = Size in Megabytes
Date Name What is it? m
2012-06-09 DarkRadiant v1.7.1, The Dark Mod editing program. This download includes simple setup instructions, the necessary VC++ 2010 redistributable package, and optional Windows 64bit versions of everything 29
2012-05-18 The Dark Mod v1.7, A single-file download of the whole Dark Mod. You will still be able to use the auto-updater if you first get the mod this way. Extract the "darkmod" folder into your Doom3 folder, such as "C:\Games\Doom3\darkmod" 2085
2007-02-05 Doom 3 patch v1.3.1.1304, Use this to patch your Doom 3 installation to the correct version you must have for the mod to work 19