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Dark Mod Tutorial videos, plus some interesting old development videos from past years LINK

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My Tutorials
Dark Mod Video Tutorials!
- KomagTutTDM pt3
- KomagTutTDM pt2
- KomagTutTDM pt1
- KomagTutTDM pt0
- KomagTutTDM Arches
- KomagTutTDM Visportals

My TDM Missions

Swing - my Vertical Contest entry

My T3 Missions

Defender of the Crown - my Contest 6 entry

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Shadowdark Keep

Shadowdark Keep is dedicated to the Fan Missions created for Thief: Deadly Shadows and The Dark Mod.

Keep of Metal and Gold - Classic Thief FMs Visit The Keep of Metal and Gold for classic Thief missions
  Komag, disguised as a Hammerite
Hammerite Gears


September 16, 2012 - New FM
September 6, 2012 - New FM
June 25, 2012 - New Komag Tutorial Video
  • I fired up DarkRadiant recently and made this tutorial that covers the basics of Visportals: how they work, what they do, where to use them, etc. It's not comprehensive, but it gives an introduction to the concept and some examples.
    KomagTutTDM Visportals (720-30p 640MB, 14:13, 6mbps)
    KomagTutTDM Visportals (720-30p 147MB, 14:13, 2mbps)

June 21, 2012 - minor update
  • I cleaned up a few pages, rearranged some file orders, updated some files (such as DarkRadiant), etc
  • By the way, I still have a couple sets of Komag DVDs left if anyone wants to donate and get one

May 18, 2012 - One last time - Komag DVDs Until May 31!
  • I've gone through and gotten rid of a bunch of bloated "waste of space" files, and added many gigabytes of new FMs, to make one more FINAL Final offering of Komag DVDs - the set is Eight (8) FULL DVDs as before, but this time they are more "dense" or relevant
  • Fully FIVE of the DVDs are pure FMs. The other three DVDs are tons of other Thief stuff, like editing, loaders, videos, Dark Mod, tutorials, developer journals, T2X, patches, walkthroughs, soundtracks, etc etc etc
  • If you want to get a set before they're gone forever, CLICK HERE
  • PS - I offered a "Final" set back in July 2009, and many people have been asking for them in the years since, so I updated everything to offer one last set, and this time I mean it! With two young kids I don't have time for this DVD stuff anymore, but I want to keep the website up and running, so the funds will go for that.

May 17, 2012 - Added All Dark Mod FMs!
  • Added over 60 Dark Mod FMs! Woohoo!

May 16, 2012
  • Added two new FMs - The Garden of the Wizard, and Thief's Rising (which is an 8 mission pack!)

April 10, 2012 - Caught up T3 FMs!
  • Added all the Thief 3 missions that were released (that I know of) through today, including the full Cabal campaign

  • Added a second DATE column in the archive, for when missions get updated

A Barrier of the hidden Keep

March 29, 2010 - Komag Tutorial HD Videos!
A Barrier of the hidden Keep

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